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One platform – two aims

  •    Consolidation of your market data infrastructure
  •    Flexibility in the purchase of finance market data


The challenge:
Complexity and high costs
Banks and investment houses often manage their finance market data with heterogeneous system landscapes.

in parts, the market data distributed and administered via a vendor-specific platform, such as the Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform (TREP).

Other data sources can often not be routed and managed via this one platform. Due to technological obstacles or because the platform provider’s contract conditions do not allow this.

This data has to be individually connected to receiving systems though a number of interfaces (APIs).

Using such a heterogeneous landscape cases avoidable costs, such as:

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  • License fees for the distribution of your own data via platform
  • License fees for feeding third party data into the platform
  • High costs for the creation and administration of individual interfaces
  • Additional charges for the purchase and operation of various management and reporting systems

    To avoid these costs, lower priced market data by alternative vendors is often nor used. The potential saving in the areas of infrastructure operation and market data purchasing can be substantial, but are often ignored.

The solution: DOME

Due to the openness of these interfaces it is very easily possible to integrate data sources, applications, databases etc. DOME dissolves the dependancies between the infrastructure providers and the data suppliers. Using an open interface standard enables us to transfer a heterogeneous system landscape into a standardised platform. The entire data traffic is routed and managed via DOME.

Entitlement processes, authorisation concepts, irregular interfaces and much more can be harmonised and operative efforts can be substantially reduced or automatised. Moreover, DOME allows to obtain data from suppliers who cover your needs in the most efficient way.


  • is based on openMAMA, an open standard API (licensed under LGPL 2.1 license)
  • is independent from data and application vendors
  • uses a consistent entitlement concept
  • offers high performance and stability
  • has a transparent and fair licensing model
  • allows for standardized integration of data sources and data consuming systems
  • significantly simplifies the interface management

Transition procedure model

Thanks to the procedure described below, we are able to reduce the project risk to a minimum, as sources or applications adopted on DOME can be rejected any time.

Phase 1: Coverage check / business case creation

Phase 2: Testing

Phase 3: Gradual deployment

Phase 4: Deactivation of old platform

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